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Hijama is the Arabic name for this form of cupping that has been practiced all over the world for more than 1,000 years. You may find this treatment called other names in Asia, Africa, and Russia for instance. The benefits of hijama are numerous, such as stabilized blood pressure and blood sugar, migraine relief, pain relief, hormone balance, improved fertility, and a general sense of wellbeing.

Although not widely heard of within the United States, hijama is fast becoming a frequently sought out means of improving health due to the numerous scientific studies available, and word of mouth of those who experience the work.

Hijama begins with dry cupping, then very superficial scratches are made on the skin and the cups are reapplied to the body. This suction causes the release of small amounts of blood (think leech therapy, but better) into the cups. The treatment is very safe and sanitary, using all disposable supplies and handled according to state safety regulations.

Sunnah & general detox

General wellbeing and detoxification

30 minutes


Deep organ balance & detox

Balance and detox internal organs

45 minutes


Nervous system balance

Neurological disorders & pain

45 minutes


Multiple areas for pain/health

Address specific areas of pain and imbalance

45 minutes


Full body balance & detox

Vital organs, Blood, lymph system

60 minutes