Expert Massage & hijama cupping in durham, nc

Massage Therapy: To achieve the greatest benefit to your body, I use a unique and personalized style of Thai massage incorporating several highly effective techniques, such as myofascial release, trigger point, acupressure, sports, and craniosacral. I take your health seriously, and strive for nothing short of amazing results. (License #16265)

Hijama (wet cupping): Disposable plastic cups create negative pressure to bring stagnant blood and waste materials to the surface of the skin. Then small, very superficial scratches are made on the surface of the skin to draw the stagnant blood and toxins out of the body. Cups can be applied nearly all over the body to detox points or specific areas of pain and discomfort to help relieve muscle pain, detox organs, help reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation, assist fertility, improve acne, regulate hormones, and more.