Traditional Thai Massage


Our pain rehab massage is a combination of several very effective massage modalities mastered over the years. Unlike what the average massage consumer is used to, pain rehab massage is a more results-based treatment without the frills of a spa. Our mission is to get you relaxed, pain-free, and back into balance so that you can live your life comfortably.

This massage is done on a table with you clothed to your comfort level. You can visit us in a dress on your lunch break, or go full on with stretching shorts/leggings and a tank/tee shirt. We meet you where you are.

With pain rehab massage, we create each session specific to your needs. Depending on your unique body, you will experience a combination of Thai massage, sports massage, trigger point, craniosacral, dry cupping, and myofascial release.

pain rehab

Great for pain in a specific area, stiff neck, aching back, headache, etc. Can be done on your lunch breatk!


pain rehab

Allows more time to get deeper into the muscles in one or more areas. A rhythmic full body session can be done as well.


pain rehab

Best for addressing the full body more completely and at a slow in pace to coax your muscles into a more natural release.