Stressed Woman


For more than 20 years we have been providing cancer support to help phenomenal women heal and recreate themselves and their lives after cancer.

These women are from all over the world, but have the shared experience of a present or past diagnosis and the emotional difficulties that they face during and after their healing journey.


Having supportive care in cancer can greatly improve your healing outcomes and ability to create the emotional balance needed to support your immune system, comply with treatment plans given by your medical staff, and handle the complexities of personal and work relationships. 


Having cancer support means that you are not alone on this journey. We are partners in wellness, with your best interests at heart. Our coaching is not a cookie-cutter service. It is a very personal relationship created between coach and participant, where you determine your needs and focus. Together we map out your road to healing and take it one step at a time.

With me as your cancer support coach, some of the ways I can support you include helping you:

✔ achieve the emotional balance to help your body's healing process.

✔ move beyond the trauma of receiving a diagnosis to a place of acceptance and healing.

✔ discover and remove the obstacles in your pathway to healing.

✔ overcome the grief of losing who you were before illness and help you recreate a healthier you.

✔ navigate relationship changes such as miscommunication, disagreement over treatment choices, feelings of inadequacy due to physical limitations, and guilt toward caregivers.

✔ discover new confidence in who you are and what your future holds.

✔ speak your truth and own your ability to create a new life after illness and put an end to self-sacrificing behaviors.

✔ Overcome fear, anxiety and worries about the future and what life holds for you after illness.