I support amazing women who are passionately healing from illness to achieve emotional and physical wellness.

I run a worldwide mind body wellness community for women who are working to achieve healing after being diagnosed with illness. Whether you are at the very first stage of your journey just after diagnosis, or at the other end of your journey looking to manage life after illness, establish a high quality of life, and navigate fears of recurrence, I will support your emotional and physical healing, and support your goal to create a fulfilling life.

I'm grateful to say that women around the world, from business leaders to home-makers, call on me for my support and insights. My wonderful clients include international business owners, government employees, teachers, students, retirees, stay-at-home moms, military personnel, and medical professionals, to name a few.

​I support amazing women who are passionately healing achieve emotional and physical wellness.


Welcome  I'm Razan Gregory and I have more than 20 years as an expert in physical and emotional wellness, with a focus on women, cancer, chronic illness, and grief.

Over the years, I have acquired many certifications, licenses, and certificates of completion, including human potential leadership training (1997), massage therapist (2003), hijama practitioner (2005), health coach (2005), master grief coach (2021), and integrative cancer coach (2022).

Cancer has been a constant presence in my life since I was a child. One by one my close and beloved relatives revealed cancer diagnoses, including breast, lung, brain, stomach, prostate, etc. There always seemed to be someone who needed care and support. As a child, that caretaker was my mother. I watched and helped her care for each relative, listened to the hushed conversations, witnessed the tears. I told myself that when I grew up, I would learn everything that I could about cancer to help my family and to also help myself.


I've seen the toll a cancer diagnosis can take on a person, along with the stress of treatment decisions, changes in family dynamics, guilty for needing a care-giver, etc. I've watched as someone in remission let life pass them by, afraid to live because the fear of the cancer returning was stronger than their ability to enjoy life.

My mission is to positively touch the lives of women just like you, all over the world, to help you heal in ways that you never thought possible. I'm here to ask you what you need, not preach to you about cancer or illness. I believe that we all have an innate knowing, and it's my purpose to help you discover your own unique deeply help beliefs, strengths, obstacles, and motivations in order to create the healing outcomes your desire.


Using my expertise in the field, along with scientifically-supported  strategies and personal experience, I have created a process for traveling on this healing journey, and I want to share it with you.

I help my dedicated clients achieve amazing transformations. My insightful yet practical style allows my clients to create healing and lasting change in their lives. I am a tuned-in partner on your journey to healing, self discovery, and actualization.

This is what a good specialist does, use insight to go beyond the surface issues to get to the heart of what can bring you the best results. I am not ashamed to tell you that I'm good at what I do. It's not a vain statement. I'm grateful to have been given deep listening skills, the ability to see all of the possibilities, and the love for helping people. A huge part of it is that I was born this way. The other part of it is that I've been where you are, sick, unsure, stuck, or all of the above.

My own health challenges began very young with respiratory infections, allergies, unexplained bloody noses, and even a couple of bouts of pneumonia. I was always sick or felt sickly. I was constantly reminded of it whenever I wanted to do something fun. "Be careful, you know you have (fill in the blank.)" I learned to dislike myself and my life, and to dim my light and desire for happiness. I no longer trusted my body and tiptoed through life to keep from getting sick or having a flare.

Eventually, those nagging childhood illnesses became adult illnesses when compounded by stress, worry, feelings of low self-worth, fear of the future, and doubts that I would ever be whole and physically safe in my body. I watched nearly everyone on one side of my family die of cancer and watched my mom emotionally deteriorate while caring for them. I became terrified of cancer and doomed myself to the same fate since it had taken most of my family.

I ended up having a huge cancer scare and went through months of testing, treatments, and lifestyle changes. But what I remember most, more than how my body felt, was how my mind reacted. I lived in a constant state of fear, anxiety, and secret guilt over how I had treated my body. I was terrified of the future and whether or not I would live to see it. I wondered if all of this was my fault, if things would have been different had I taken better care of myself. And I noticed that whenever these thoughts took over my mind, my body felt worse.

All of this led me to obsessively research how our emotional state affects healing, post-treatment recovery, and the return to regular life. I have poured over the scientific literature, worked closely with conventional medicine practitioners, as well as those in the holistic health field. I've come to understand that healing is a wholistic process that involves not only the body, but the mind and emotions as well. And I believe that healing is incomplete without addressing our emotions and how they relate to the illness and can even be used to promote healing.

It took me years to learn how to manage my thoughts and emotions so that they no longer affected me physically. I learned how to have a fulfilling life in spite of any health crises that I experienced and how to change my emotional state in a way that promotes healing physically and mentally.

As a holistic health practitioner, I have used this process with several clients over the years, and I've seen many amazing healings, both physically and emotionally, when someone is totally dedicated to healing and has a good treatment plan combined with my mind body wellness support. I've experienced firsthand how emotions affect healing. This phenomenon is my life's passion and I am a constant study of the mind body connection and how it relates to disease. 


I've always been the person people come to for their emotional and physical health needs. As early as elementary school I can remember being a trusted confidante. People knew their secrets and fears were safe with me, and that I was able to help them see possibilities for transformation that they hadn't discovered on their own.

I create a unique mind body transformation roadmap toward healing for each of my clients. When they are all in, and follow this roadmap, they gain the emotional wisdom to overcome blockages to healing. And that emotional healing can strengthen the body and improve healing outcomes.

If you would like to be supported on your healing journey, I'm here.

​Let's talk about your needs ...​

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